Breadth of Studies

Photo by: Suzy Hazelwood

Dr. Tuch has also studied the sorts of trouble certain individuals have using their minds to reflect on their life situation. He has written about individuals who think concretely and those frightened to use their minds to learn more about themselves. He has taken a particular interest in the areas of “theory of mind,” “mentalization,” and “attachment theory.”

Dr. Tuch has contributed to the literature in papers that explore a wide range of topics, including:

  1. The profession’s understanding about how one goes about conducting treatment,
  2. The effects of the therapist’s personality on his or her treatment style,
  3. Blocks to creative expression, 
  4. Factors effecting a mother’s responsiveness to illness in her children,
  5. The role of mentalization in interpersonal relations, 
  6. Exhibitionism,
  7. The childhood development of social cognition, 
  8. The role of illusion in human development, 
  9. The perverse urge to murder. 

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