Breadth of Studies

Breadth of Studies

Dr. Tuch has taken great interest in the subject of intimate relationships. He recently co-wrote a book on the subject of couples therapy entitled The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Mentalizing Tales of Dating and Marriage (Thompson and Tuch, 2014) that explores in depth how one identifies and treats chronic misunderstandings that often threaten the quality and existence of ongoing long-term bonds. Dr, Tuch has also published work that explores marital infidelity in a book entitled The Single Woman–Married Man Syndrome (Tuch 2000).

Dr. Tuch has also studied the types of trouble some individuals have using their minds to reflect on their life situation. In particular, he has written about individuals who think concretely and those who are scared to use their minds to learn more about their themselves. He has taken a particular interest in the areas of “theory of mind,” “mentalization,” and “attachment theory.”

Dr. Tuch has contributed to the literature in papers that explore a wide range of topics, including:
1) The Profession’s understanding about how one goes about conducting treatment,
2) Difficulties some have expressing themselves creatively,
3) Challenges to traditional concepts of the doctor-patient relationship,
4) The hormonal effects that help shape a mother’s responsiveness to illness in her children,
5) Exhibitionism,
6) The Perverse urge to murder, etc.

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